Digital Mailroom

On average, companies across the UK receive over 3 million items of post per year and the cost of manually processing incoming mail is estimated at £0.15 – £0.25 per item. The costs of processing outgoing mail can often be even higher. Zecter’s digital mailroom is a central platform specifically designed to support the management, amendment and distribution of information.

The solution encompasses a series of services, designed to eliminate the handling of inbound paper, email, fax and web communications.

By transferring the receipt handling to our secure facility, Zecter can digitise all inbound communication for clients and, with the intelligent use of the right technologies, the received information can be tracked, identified, categorised and captured.

Zecter’s digital mailroom is specifically designed to support law firms’ future operational strategies and offers a number of benefits…

Why go Digital?

  • The reduction of operational overheads, internal storage space and external storage costs
  • Increased staff efficiency and productivity
  • Improved customer service, reducing response times
  • Increased managerial visibility and control
  • Scalable by handling peaks and troughs more effectively
  • Greater control of documents with easy tracking and identification of any errors
  • Reduced carbon footprint and paper-light office
  • Entirely customised solution
  • Increased security
  • Possibility of remote working, which can help to improve employee satisfaction and retention

For more information, please watch our short animated video below:

Zecter’s digital mailroom offers a 360° approach to helping you navigate your way from existing paper/manual processes to a digital solution specifically designed to meet your organisation’s requirements. Our solution will support you throughout the process, from consultancy, proposition and design, to system launch, training and beyond.

If you would like to explore the benefits of implementing a digital mailroom please contact Mark Smith at to arrange an initial exploratory discussion and demonstration of service capabilities. Alternatively, please call 0333 207 6551 to book an appointment.

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