Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing is not a core standalone function in most law firms like IT and finance but is seen as part of the day to day role of all fee earners. Focus, dedication and determination are all key ingredients to achieving success in this field as well as an understanding of who your target market is. All law firms from the sole practitioners to the top 100 law firms recognize the power of a successful marketing campaign but many choose to avoid this area altogether or create mass messaging on a range of topics which fails to produce the expected results. Here is a list of questions for you to consider when assessing your business:

  • Are you looking to grow your business but uncertain about which way to turn?
  • Are you looking to change direction and enter a new market?
  • Do you want professional advice about how to structure sales and marketing campaigns to generate new business?
  • Do you have an internal sales and marketing team that needs support and training to achieve your planned goals and deliver your strategy?
  • Are you attempting to generate new business whilst at the same time fee earning?
  • Are you spending money with third parties to generate leads for your business but it’s not working as planned?
  • Are you frustrated with your current performance in generating new work?
  • Are you spending too much time managing poor performing sales and marketing suppliers instead of fee earning?
  • Do you worry about your fee earners ability to be focused, dedicated and determined to drive new leads and referrals into your business?
  • Are you unsure about who your target market is for your services?
  • Do you worry about how much you spend on marketing but are unsure about the return on investment?

 If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should consider talking to Zecter.

We offer the following Sales & Marketing services:

  • Website design and build
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Advertising print and online
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing spend tracking and ROI calculations
  • Video creation
  • Training
  • Marketing strategies
  • Promotions
  • SEO and PPC
  • Brand design
  • Social media campaigns
  • Call centre facility to receive calls & qualify leads
  •  Copywriting
  • PR campaigns
  • Animation

Zecter is here to help you get the most out of your business. We offer a full end to end sales and marketing facility and can assist you on your journey to growth and success. We can also assist by working on a project by project basis if required, so you can assess our performance and ensure your goals are being delivered without entering into a long term contract.

Our team of expert consultants have a background in successful law firm sales and marketing and can deliver the new business you require. We can help you assess your current activity, provide you with a roadmap for the future and deliver targeted marketing campaigns in line with your strategic goals. This includes being able to assess your current and future marketing spend and calculating your return on investment.

If you feel you are missing out on new business opportunities, wasting time managing third party organisations or spending money with little return, talk to one of our experts today.

Want to find out more? Request a no cost, no obligation consultation here. Simply leave your contact details and we will contact you.